Thursday, May 3

A Morning Around UCF

Most weekdays we are up at church for the better part of the morning. We spend our time in our office area and talking with whomever is around.

So join us as we take you through a morning in the life of the Allens at UCF.

Walking down the hill from the upper parking lot to lower campus where the offices, classrooms, library, and gym are located.

Checking out the construction progress.

Waiting for the library to be opened so we can head into our office.

Our office. It's a little cramped but not too bad.

The view from my desk.

The office window. We can watch the construction from our desks.

I usually bring my camera to take photos. One day I snagged a shot of these cute stacks of colorful little chairs in one of the classrooms. The tiny seats are so darling! They are even cuter when they are filled with little African children!

And look at all these wheelbarrows. They were all in use when the pavers were being torn up for the foundation of the new building.

And here are the pavers.

And a small stream that runs through parts of the UCF campus.

And then Trey posed for an impromptu photo shoot which consisted of three photos before he got bored. Check out these gems!

And then we head home for lunch! And then some days it's back to church in the afternoon or evening for Bible study, prayer meeting, or fellowships.

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