Monday, April 2

Our New Furniture

Thought I'd share with y'all what we've bought for our home here in Kampala. We got great deals on all our items. We've become master bargainers (especially Sarah) since you can haggle about prices for almost anything. Because of the exchange rate $1 is equal to around 2,400 /= (that's the sign for Ugandan Shillings). So things that cost several hundred US dollars come to several million Uganda shillings. It's still hard for me to deal with paying millions in any currency. Though it does allow us to make lots of jokes about being millionaire missionaries. 

The Couch
Custom ordered
High back
Pillows included
Seats 8+

Bed Frame
Custom ordered
King size
Dark wood

5 large drawers
2 small drawers

Dark wood
Extra large
6 drawers

5 shelves
Strong wood
Holds over 200+ pounds of books

Two End Tables (not pictured)
Custom ordered
Dark wood
3 drawers each
Extra tall

Included in our Start-Up Costs is money designated for House Setup. Although furniture comes cheaper here the amount allotted for house setup would definitely not furnish an entire home. So we are glad for the kitchen supplies we brought with us and super glad we are living with the Foxes. We have combined our House Setup funds in order to furnish our large, lovely home (floorplan here). We'll keep y'all posted as we continue to settle in!

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