Friday, April 27

Rhona's Birthday

Last Tuesday we hosted a birthday party for our friend Rhona. It was a great way to celebrate Rhona, welcome friends into our home, build relationships, and cook great food. She requested Mexican because she rightly concluded that we would mess up Ugandan food if we tried. Most everyone liked the food, but we LOVED it and had plenty of leftovers to enjoy. And everyone had a great time.

(Sorry for the not-so-good photos. I couldn't figure out the right camera settings.)

The guest list was somewhere around 17 people, plus the 4 of us. So we made A LOT of food. And stayed with the Mexican theme for our 'Happy Birthday' banner.

Trey playing with Hamlet, Rhona's son. This makes me happy.

Hamlet playing with his friend, Jireh.

Then spontaneous arm wrestling contests broke out. 
And I learned how to be slightly invisible.

The birthday girl was coerced into giving a speech.

Happy Birthday Rhona!

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