Tuesday, April 24

A Mouse in our House

Once upon a time we found a mouse in our house living in our couch eating the almonds on our counter. And we killed it. Sorry if that makes you sad but God gave us dominion over the earth and that means dominion over dirty disease-carrying rodents. It wasn't a talking mouse like Stewart Little so you don't have to be too sad. And I did feel sorry for the little guy but then I remembered how he ran around our kitchen, climbed on the counter where we put our food, and ate from the bowl of almonds that we keep out for humans to snack on.

For the full story and video check out the Fox's blog. Sarah is filming and it's hard to distinguish our screams and squawks. But wait for the treat at the end when I suggest that I am also a hero for standing on a stool, waving a broom around, and screaming the whole time. It's priceless.

Warning: In the video you will see us kill a mouse!


  1. That was THE most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Hands down. Glad it's dead.

    1. Haha, thanks! We laughed about it all night. And we are super glad it's dead too.

  2. But you guys are SERIOUS missionaries, right?