Friday, April 20

Follow-Up Visits

Like most churches, UCF has procedures for greeting, welcoming, and following-up with first-time visitors. They are welcomed during the service, they fill out a visitors sheet, they are given information about UCF after the service, etc. Unlike most churches, UCF also does follow-up visits. As in a representative from UCF goes to the visitors address to say hi and get to know the visitor. Although very unfamiliar to us it actually makes a lot of sense for such a relational culture and because most visitors are students who live in the hostels (dorms) surrounding UCF. So coming to their hostel and dropping by their room is easy to do.

This is UCF (under construction) and the surrounding hostels.

So that is what Sarah and I did on Thursday afternoon. We each teamed up with another UCF member and headed off to several dorms for follow-up visits. I was a little nervous at first because I don't usually knock on stranger's doors just to hang out and get to know them. However, it went really well. The first two girls that Deena (she's staff at UCF) and I went to see weren't in their rooms so we just left a flyer. The third girl (Gertrude) was home and we talked to her for about 20 minutes or so. We asked her questions, chatted a bit, told her more about the church, and prayed for her. Then when we asked her if she had any questions for us she asked me to interpret a recent dream she had had. Ha! (No, I didn't interpret it for her. I basically told her to pray about it and ask God for the interpretation if it was significant.)

The last girl (Angelica) we visited was in her room with her roommate (Megan) so we got to talk to both of them. It was a similar conversation to the one before (without dream interpretation) and then we prayed for them both and then left.

Sarah had a good time meeting her visitors too.

Deena said that visitors usually come back to church if you do a follow-up visit, so it seems to be pretty useful and successful. I'm looking forward to seeing my two new friends this Sunday! And looking forward to more follow-up visits next week.

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