Tuesday, April 24

The Best Thing We Brought

Out of everything we brought with us to Uganda, one thing has been completely indispensable. 

And that thing is the them. 

A) They are super awesome and we love them.
B) They are super fun so we enjoy their company.
C) They are supportive, gracious, and understanding so living together is a blessing.
D) They provide wonderful community and fellowship.
E) They are handy and knowledgeable so they know how to fix everything.
F) They brought tools so they can fix everything.

Exhibit E & F:

Our dining table arrived from the carpenter and was much too tall for the chairs. Apparently there was a mix up in the dimensions. So Kyle busted out his tools and the boys went to work cutting the legs down.

And then Kyle leveled every single wobbly dining chair. 

 And we ended up with this beauty:

Also, the Foxes (mostly Kyle, usually assisted by Trey, and sometimes managed by Sarah) fixed the leaky kitchen sink, installed a towel rack for dish rags, made two outlets for the kitchen, hung the downstairs curtains, greased the front door sliding gate so it moves easily, caulked all the unsealed windows in the house, drilled a hole in the bucket for our water filtration, fixed a broken couch leg, hung mosquito netting over an exposed kitchen vent, built shelves in the pantry, and more. Not to mention all the stuff they have done in their own rooms like install bathroom shelves, fix a loose towel bar, hang curtains, fix a desk, install a bigger bathroom mirror, and a bunch more. The Foxes are basically Do-It-Yourself Home Renovating Professionals.

Trey and Sarah know how to do some of the stuff too so they help a lot. I normally just watch in amazement, cheer everyone on, take pictures, and occasionally offer to bring them water.

And far beyond their handiness, their friendship, support, and general presence has been invaluable. There is absolutely no way we would have transitioned here so easily if not for them.

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