Tuesday, March 13

University Community Fellowship

This Sunday was our second time at University Community Fellowship (UCF) since arriving in Uganda.

This is the church campus.

UCF is constructing a permanent building to replace the tent. At the end of the month the tent will come down and we will be meeting on the grass as construction continues. 

Here’s us before heading to church last week.

And here’s me surrounded by new friends this week. The manic look on my face hardly begins to convey my utter delight at being surrounded by darling black children.

And besides the children, it was wonderful to be at UCF once again. It really is exciting to be there, meeting people, absorbing the culture of the church, etc. We are finally getting our feet wet in ministry here and it feels great.


  1. you look like you are in absolute heaven surrounded by those darling little children!

  2. Thanks for the love guys. I admire you ..a lot.