Monday, March 19

Sunday School

Yesterday at UCF Trey and I decided to sit in on one of the children's Sunday school classes. Part of my work here will include children's ministry and Sunday school curriculum so we figured it would be a good idea to drop in on a class.

Yes. It was a good idea.

We introduced ourselves to the teachers and the students and sat in the back to observe. It was the 3-5 year old class. The kids each introduced themselves, sang songs together (one little girl even led a song!), drew pictures of Jesus then colored them, and acted out the story of Jesus healing the blind man.

Oh my gosh, I was in heaven. Trey was really enjoying it too. One little boy named Zion came in and sat right next to me and eventually on my lap. He looked half black and half Asian and might be the third cutest kid I have ever seen (Jax and Kinz are 1 & 2). And then his little brother Zach came in and Zion declared, "That is my little brother, baby Zach!" No, I didn't steal them both. But I was tempted like Jesus in the wilderness! And the kid in front of Trey kept leaning forward in his little chair and falling out. Every time he sat on the ground stunned like he couldn't figure out why the chair had thrown him off. Eventually Trey just held the chair down for the rest of the class time.

It was really fun to sit in the class.

For research purposes. For ministry.

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