Saturday, March 17

Steak & Dr. Pepper

The other day while venturing through one of the local shopping malls here in Kampala we came across a shop and grill called Ranchers. I'll let this excerpt from a recent e-mail that I sent to my family explain the rest:

So we found this place called Ranchers. We heard they had great steaks that you can either eat there or buy to cook yourself. Well we went to check it out. We were all looking around at the meat, and they have really great cheeses and other stuff that is very hard to find. Then all of a sudden I looked up and there was a wall of Dr. Pepper in front of me. So I immediately told everyone [Erin, Kyle, and Sarah] I was eating lunch here despite what they wanted, ha. So I ended up getting 16 oz of filet mignon for only $10. It was really good. A bit more tough than filet in the states but not bad at all. Also they are pretty small. We saw a whole filet and they are so skinny, I guess it is because the cows are just smaller in general here. The Dr. Pepper was expensive, about $1.50 per can but it was totally worth it. It is amazing what a little taste of home can do for your heart. Below is a picture of the Dr. Peppers and the before and after of my steak.

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