Monday, March 5

Please Pray For: Housing

As of now we do not have a place to live here in Kampala after our orientation and language training ends this week. There is a potential apartment that is supposedly three weeks away from being finished but it looks several months away from being ready.

The most important thing is to have a place to live. A home close to UCF, close to the Foxes, where we feel safe, where we can do our ministry.

A home is most important right now, so that’s the main prayer request. But along those lines here are some less important specifics:

-If it’s a flat (apartment), that it would be on the second or third floor (for safety reasons). That it would have a good space for entertaining, Bible studies, ministry, etc. That it would have a usable kitchen and bathroom (because sometimes the shower head is attached directly over the toilet. Seriously. No idea why).

-If it’s a house, that it would be in a compound with multiple homes (safety reasons). That it would have enough room for the Foxes and us to live in community but also establish our own space. If not in a compound, that we would find a trustworthy guard and that we would find one quickly. We are most vulnerable when we are new and unknown by neighbors and community.

It has been hard feeling unsettled and helpless in the house hunting process. Please pray for patience, peace, and for wisdom in helping with anything we can.

Thank you for your prayers! 

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  1. What do you mean you don't know why the shower head would be over the toilet? It's obvious: so you can take a dump and shower at the same time. Duh.