Sunday, March 11

Idiot Missionary: Water

Welp, I've made the first of many mistakes as a missionary in Uganda.

During one of our language lessons I was attempting to mimic my helper and say "water" in Luganda. In my attempt I actually said a bad word (the $h!t one, for those of you who are curious). Whoops. The word for 'water' is the same as the bad word. The only difference is the emphasis you place within the word. Like saying WAH-ter instead of wah-TER.

Sounds easy enough, right? Problem is, I can't hear the difference. At all. My language instructor varied between horror and laughter as tried to understand and pronounce the word. And then Trey, Kyle, and Sarah came back with their language helpers who tried to teach each of them the difference. Turns out our western ears can't hear the difference so we all keep pronouncing it wrong.

So basically I am going to avoid saying 'water' in Luganda for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Anonymous3/13/2012

    Ok, that's just funny! Hey - tell Trey we need to see a picture of him in the hoodie! -Bill