Saturday, March 31

How to dry laundry in Uganda

Most Ugandans hand wash their laundry. Washing machines are expensive, electricity is expensive, and lots of homes don't even have power. We are very fortunate to be able to have a washing machine. But because of the cost of buying and running a dryer (it takes a lot of electricity) we opted out of having one. This saves us money but does require a little extra time and care to dry our clothes. There are several clotheslines behind our house but Sarah and I weren't too keen on all our laundry drying outside (especially the unmentionables). So we came up with some creative ways to dry our laundry inside.

Sheets hanging in the bathroom, tops on hangers in the doorway, everything else on a laundry rack.

Then I got smart and moved the laundry rack in front of the fan near the window. They dry much faster this way. And we added several removable clotheslines from the closet doors to the window.

We rigged up some clothesline from the window to the shower curtain hook in the wall. And we also push the shower curtain back and use that for clothes as well. 

Now we can do several loads in one day and have enough room to dry it all. Now we just have to figure out how to get the clothes less stiff. Any suggestions?


  1. 1/2 cup of vinegar right before the rinse cycle? They say the smell comes out when the clothes dry...but if you're drying in the house you may want a less fetid alternative.

  2. less soap and vinegar rinse will make softer clothes

  3. When I washed some clothes in buckets in uganda, they always rinsed the clothes in laundry softner. So add that to your washer??