Thursday, March 8

Food in Kampala

If you think I/we blog about food a lot, it’s only because it’s true. We really like food and eating and restaurants so it’s a big topic on conversation between Trey and I. So much so that I have created a label for ‘food’ to categorize all the food-related blog posts. Anyway…

We have been pleasantly surprised by the food that is available here in Kampala. We prepared ourselves to live without a good deal of our favorite foods but over the past few days we have been delighted to find some good snacks and some good food. Two days after we arrived at Matoke the four of us went out with the Kampala Unit Leaders, Bill & Laurie. We went to a big shopping center to look around for phones and internet options and stopped for lunch at the food court. There were several food options available including Chinese, Cuban, Lebanese, Indian, Italian, and a chicken place. At the food court you sit down at a table and a waiter/waitress from each restaurant brings you their respective menus and waits for your order/coerces you to choose their restaurant. I felt unnecessary panicked because I didn’t want to disappoint any of the waiters by not choosing their restaurant.  But Sarah and I finally settled on sharing a hummus platter and gyro plate from the Lebanese restaurant. And boy did we pick right! The hummus and pita and gyro were delicious. Sarah and I couldn’t believe how good it was. And not just for African food, even in the States, among our favorite Greek or Lebanese restaurants this would be considered good.

And the greatest part is that since we are in Kampala now, everything we eat and everywhere we go is repeatable! We are finally here and able to settle somewhat (as much as we can while we still don’t live in our own place). After such a delicious meal I vowed to come back to the food court for hummus and gyros at least three times a week (slightly overzealous, maybe). Trey and Kyle didn’t have such a great experience with their choice of Chinese. The food took a long time and wasn’t all that tasty. But they will be able to redeem that choice plenty since we are going back three times a week as long as we live here.

Then later the four of us went on our own to a small shopping center just down the road from Matoke Inn to check out the grocery store. We found lots of food that we are familiar with and lots of similar snacks. Trey even found Pickle flavored Pringles chips, his favorite! He did a little dance in the aisle to celebrate. They had all kinds of pasta, and all the fixings for homemade pizza! Praise the Lord!

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  1. No hamburger Helper or Cheese Whiz?