Wednesday, October 26

Tuesday, October 25

Sarah & Adam Clarke!

Our dear friends Sarah Thomas & Adam Clarke got hitched this weekend! Trey and I were both in the wedding party, which was really fun. They are such a great couple and such great friends to us. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the reception was a blast!

Here are a few photos I stole from Facebook.
This is from their engagement shoot.

And this is from their wedding, right after being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Adam Clarke!
Such a beautiful bride.

And I wish I had photos from the reception because it was gorgeous!
Maybe I'll snag some of those from Facebook later...

Saturday, October 15

We've Moved!

It's official. We are moved out of our apartment and in with Some More Allens.

Here's our apartment during the last few days of packing.

Bins and boxes everywhere:

The empty apartment:

Saying goodbye to 8109:

Now we are getting settled in our new home with Trey's oldest brother, Mabry, his wife, Amber, and their two kiddos. The fact that Mabry/Amber/the kiddos are so great makes the transition much easier. They have been so gracious to take us in for these next few months. They basically adjusted from a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom home to a 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom home just to make room for us. We are so blessed to have family who would be willing to do that for us!

Friday, October 7

September and October

I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while. I really want to keep the blog updated but life has been busy lately! Apparently writing about busyness doesn't make it go away. Lame. I intend to post about moving from our apartment to our new home with Some More Allens... but I first have to get organized in our new room, unpack our camera, unpack my computer, upload the photos, and take the time to write a good post. Soon!

But for now let's catch up on the happenings of last month and the plans for this month.

Garage sale
Three weeks of traveling for work (Erin)
Trip to CA
Moving out of our apartment
Moving in with Some More Allens
Bachelorette party for a friend

Church Golf Tournament/Fundraiser for Uganda
Three weekend weddings (two out of town, one local)
Church women's retreat
Preparing for the next Secret Church in November

And before you start asking how we manage it all, let me tell you this: WE DON'T! It takes every ounce of my strength to not be a basket case of stress and emotions all day long. I have felt overwhelmed, I have felt defeated, I have felt stressed, and I have cried. But in the midst of all the craziness I have found peace and joy and excitement. I love living with Mabry and Amber and the kids (more on that in the next post). I love that we have so much less stuff than before. I love that Africa gets more real by the day.