Monday, February 14

Secret Church

On Friday we spent the evening at church for an event called 'Secret Church'. The idea comes from David Platt who spent time in the underground church in China teaching groups of Christians who, even under threat of death and persecution, hungered and thirsted for God's word in a mighty way. The teaching times would be hours long in crowded rooms with very little comfort. He brought the long intensive teaching sessions back to his home church in Birmingham and called the teaching times 'Secret Church'.

Trey pitched the idea to our church and got approval to do a Secret Church this past Friday. It was AWESOME. Trey did an AMAZING job. I can't convey how proud I am of him and all his hard work. He put in hundreds of hours of reading, studying, praying, typing, practicing, and planning for this event. And created 40 pages of notes (!) so everyone could follow along. Trey worked tirelessly for weeks to put this together and loved every minute of it.

And it was such a success. 39 people (three high schoolers and the rest adults) came to the event where he taught from 6:00pm until 11:30pm (with four short breaks and three short prayer times)! Everyone paid attention very well and asked great questions. We have heard nothing but GREAT feedback from everyone who attended. At the end of the evening several people asked if he would do another one soon. One lady wrote him a thank you note, another lady wrote him a thank you email, one couple took us out to lunch on Saturday to say thanks and talk about everything, five people stopped us this morning at church to thank him again, and at least four people who weren't even there said that they had heard about how great it was and hoped he would do another one so they could come. And yes, we are planning on doing several more.

God is good. All the time.

P.S. The teaching was recorded and will be available (along with the notes) on our church's website soon. Let me know if you want a link. I will be more than happy to pass it along. 4.5 hours of listening but so worth every second of it!
P.P.S. The teaching material is based on Jonathan Lunde's new book:
Following Jesus, the Servant King: A Biblical Theology of Covenantal Discipleship
Buy it, read it, pass it on!

Winter Wonderland in Sugar Land

Look what I found on the tree outside our apartment building!
Isn't it lovely? I sure think so!

Tuesday, February 1

Severe Weather Alert

This morning Trey checked the weather report because we had heard some rumors of a cold front. We read that Sugar Land had a "Severe Weather Alert" due to a wind advisory and hard freeze warning.

Having grown up in CA "Severe Weather Alert" isn't a familiar term. But I understood what it meant the moment I opened the door to leave this morning. I had to immediately go back inside to grab a heavy coat and my umbrella. Then I heard on the radio on the way to work that within an hour the temperature dropped 20 degrees. From 60 to 40, within an hour! And I heard that tonight will get colder and rainier which makes for 'icy conditions'. Again, totally unfamiliar term.
But this weather is good training for our upcoming Candidate Week in New York!