Sunday, April 11

Off to Africa!

It's past my bedtime (so please forgive any spelling/grammatical errors because I am not spending time to carefully edit this) and I am still running through the list of things that need to get done before we leave for Africa on Monday. Trey has been busy at church this weekend because we have a big youth event. The weekend before we leave for Africa. Of course. So while he is up at the church day and night (they sleep at the church), I have been running around Sugar Land getting things we need and doing all the packing, cleaning, and preparing. But I get to sleep in our bed at home instead of with junior high and high school students, so I think I got the better end of the deal.

Once in Africa we will split our time between all the ministries we hope to be involved in when we actually move there. We'll be spending time at University Fellowship Church, the Bible School in northern Uganda, and visiting the baby house/orphanage that Nightlight has started.*

We are so thrilled to finally be able to get a vision for our future ministry!

*The adoption agency I used to work for in California, Nightlight Christian Adoptions, has started a baby house in Kampala, Uganda, and hopes to eventually start adoptions from there as well. I contacted Nightlight immediately when I found out and they put me in contact with the gentleman in Kampala who is running it, Kenneth. Turns out Kenneth knows Micah, the pastor of University Fellowship Church, who is coordinating our whole trip. Isn't that incredible? God is amazing and it is so incredible to see His sovereignty over all of our plans and ministries.