Wednesday, November 25

We're off to CA!

We leave for CA in less than 24 hours! Can't wait to see some of you!

Tuesday, November 24


Let me catch you all up on the last few days.

Saturday: We had an early Thanksgiving celebration with Trey's family at his aunt and uncle's ranch out in the country. And I mean OUT IN THE COUNTRY. When we were about 10 minutes away we pulled over on the side of a road and waited for someone in his family to come get us because the roads were no longer paved (seriously) and our car wouldn't be able to handle the gravel and dirt roads ahead. So they came in their big truck and got us. We drove over several cattle guards, which I had never experienced or heard of before, which shocked all of them. But hey, I am from California where roads are paved, cattle does NOT roam free, and the state goes bankrupt.
Anyway, we had so much fun. We shots guns (my first time ever), drove some 4-wheelers, found the remains of several dead cattle (the bones were picked clean by the vultures), and I rode a horse bareback (but only for like 10 seconds because the horse wasn't too happy about it so I got off in a hurry). Me and my cute shoes got quite muddy but it was worth it.

Sunday: I got hay fever. I'm not sure what hay fever is but there was hay at the ranch so I'm pretty sure that's where I caught it.

Monday: We went to Target and bought a few board games so we could take a break from watching movies. (What do you do when you are sick besides sleep a lot and watch movies?) So we played Monopoly and Trey won, big time.

Monday, November 16

High School Football Game

Last weekend we went to see one of the student's football game. It was his last game ever (senior) so we made signs. We screamed and yelled for Colin the whole time, and were especially loud when he was coming in from a play. The first time we yelled for him he turned to look at us and saw our posters. He never turned around again the rest of the game. Which means we sufficiently embarrassed him. Which means we accomplished our mission.

My poster:

Trey's poster (before my help):Trey's poster (after my help):

Saturday, November 7

Friday, November 6

More subbing.

I subbed for an 8th grade science class today. It was entertaining. Here are the highlights:

One kid spent the first 2 minutes before class started hugging a pillar.

As 6th period filed into class one student stopped at my desk and asked "Is that really your name?" (I had written Mrs. Allen on the whiteboard). Confused, I turned around to discover that some sneaky little kid had swiped a sneaky little finger across the second "l" making it look like an "i," which made my name look like Mrs. Alien. Sneaky. And actually quite funny.

In 7th period one kid decided that it would be a good idea to taste one of the elements at the lab stations. And it happened to be iodine. I made him rinse his mouth out and told him he'd be fine. (I just googled 'Is iodine poisonous?' And the results say 'Iodine is corrosive and poisonous when ingested. It can burn the skin and damage the eyes.' Uh-oh! I am assuming/praying that since the teacher left the chemical out in an open container (that did not say 'caution: this is poisonous') that it must not be pure iodine. Right?

The last period was a study hall and there were two students plus me. Total. Just us three. For an hour. Just us.