Thursday, October 29

To Save A Life.

I just realized I hadn't posted about a movie that Trey and I previewed a few weeks ago called To Save A Life. Trey was invited to an early screening of the movie for youth pastors in our area. It's a Christian movie for teens that deals with issues like suicide, depression, divorce, drinking, pregnancy, etc. Trey and I are pretty critical of most things, especially Christian movies which tend to be cheesy, poorly made, poorly acted, and not true to real life (even though their message is great). This movie, To Save A Life, was none of the above. It was well done (the writer is a youth pastor who also has a degree in film), had great actors, a very realistic storyline, a great message, and actually deals with the issues teens face. We were so impressed with the movie after seeing it. It was emotional, realistic, and hopeful. I cried a bunch, duh.

Here is the website to view the trailer.

If you are a youth pastor, check out this site and take your youth group to see it. Seriously.

Monday, October 19

A Picnic and Tennis.

Yesterday was a glorious day (as in a sunny, non-humid, warm with a slight breeze, feels like California weather day) so we decided to take advantage of it by having a picnic in a park and then playing a friendly game of tennis. (If any of you are thinking to yourself, 'I didn't know Erin played tennis,' you would be right, I don't. Which is why the tennis game wasn't pretty on my part.)

We have tennis raquets but we didn't have any tennis balls so we headed to Target to buy some and picked up a pack of regular ones and then a set of practice balls that don't bounce as much, made especially for beginners. I know my tennis abilities enough to know that the beginner ones would come in handy.

Then we picked up lunch, headed to a park, and spread out the Garfield blanket (that Trey has had since childhood) and enjoyed the marvelous weather. After lunch, we hit the courts. Like I said, it wasn't pretty. We started with the beginner balls, which made life so much easier. Then we decided to alternate real tennis balls with beginner ones. It took about 2 minutes of that before we decided that the real ones were too hard (for me) and so we stuck to the fake ones for the day. Then it was game time. We played 5 games, and I won 1! I consider that a huge accomplishment because of the fact that I am terrible at tennis. So terrible that I spent most of the semester of Beginning Tennis at Biola standing against the fence doing basic drills while the rest of the class got to move on and play.

I doubt there's hope for me ever being moderate good at tennis. But I sure did have fun!

Friday, October 9


Just got home from my first time as a substitute teacher, ever. My class today was 8th grade Bible (at a private Christian junior high). Sounds divine, huh?
We read John 15:1-17 and watched a video made in 1993 called "The Secrets of the Vine." The movie was awful and boring and I was half tempted to stop in the middle of it and just teach them in the text. But I didn't, because I am an obedient sub.

But I survived. And that's all that matters. I did have a moment of panic, however, when I learned that the teacher for whom I was substituting was also the football coach. Did they expect me to actually do anything with the junior high football players? No, of course not. That would be ridiculous. And I would be screwed, since I know nothing about football.
Thankfully, some guy told me to have the team meet in the cafeteria, so I did so and assuming my work was done, I left.

Thursday, October 8


I've been reading a lot lately and thought I might pass on a few great reads to all the lovely folks whom read the blog.

The first:
We met this author at Matter09. Her book is great. It's filled with practical ways to change our daily habits in order to live more justly. Exposes and educates on the injustices throughout the world caused by the systems we participate in, whether knowingly or not, as Americans. She talks about child labor in the chocolate industry, slavery in the coffee industry, sweatshops, international debt, and more. The focus of the book is on the people being oppressed by these systems.

The second:
This book is written by a New Testament scholar and professor. It is a collection of fictional correspondences between Luke and a Roman named Antipas in which the characters discuss Luke's newly written monograph (the book of Luke) and current events (takes place in the early years after Jesus' death). It is really helpful in understanding the culture in which the New Testament was written.

The third:
The book is based off of Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of Christ.

Wednesday, October 7

Kings of Leon concert!

Last night we went here to see these guys.
It was a birthday present from this lady for this guy.
Just Mabry, Trey, and I went though, not Amber or Jax. So I had to enjoy the ridiculous foolishness from the Allen brothers all by myself. Mabry even brought his "rock-dana" (a bandana used for rockin' out) and assigned us band member names to yell out during the concert. And for the songs we didn't know the words to, Mabry would make them up and sing really loudly. It was awesome.